Carrie beels

Carrie lives in the Mitten State (MI) with the love of her life, Chris. She has 4 little blessings ages 9 – 14 who have always been her main job and focus. She joined our company in November of 2014 shortly after her youngest two (twins) began kindergarten full time and her oh-so-loving husband was “gently” nudging her to find something to do with her new found “free time”. Carrie has always been passionate about health and wellness so when she was introduced to this company the flexibility, purpose, and income potential were really a no-brainer for her. Carrie’s large family has gone from a paycheck to paycheck family to one that has paid off all debt, has savings, and is able to travel (hello Europe trip 2018!). Oh, and she also gets to keep her family at the forefront of all things. This business has truly been a blessing and Carrie can’t imagine doing anything else.