Amy Wermert

Amy Wermert lives outside of Columbus, Ohio with her husband and two young boys.  Her day job at Ohio State is managing public health research projects, but her real passion is helping others live a healthier lifestyle, by helping and empowering them to replace unhealthy products in their home.  Amy started her Pure Haven business in September 2015, after learning about the harmful ingredients in the products she was using (including some of the “natural” products).  With her Pure Haven business, she’s been able to cut back hours at her day job, allowing her to be home when her kids get off the bus from school, while still providing her family with needed income.  She was hesitant about network marketing, and didn’t want to be “salesly,” but has since discovered that with a great company, it can be a great way to create income on a flexible schedule – and what’s better is that it’s all done while helping others become healthier!