Ann Marie Kaemingk

Ann lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband Jon and their four-legged kids, two vizslas. After numerous fertility treatments and a diagnosis of “unexplained infertility,” Ann and Jon began researching what they could change in their every day lives that may have a positive impact. After addressing diet, exercise, and stress, they began learning about how chemicals they were coming into contact with, unknowingly, everyday could be impacting their endocrine systems, their hormones. Once they found out, there was no question they would take control of everything that they were putting ON their bodies, getting absorbed into their bloodstream, and messing with their hormones.. Within 8 months of starting her business, Ann was leading a fast-growing team in West Michigan. After just two years in the business, she was able to retire from public education and move the household to Colorado, Jon’s home. In 2016, she was able to retire Jon from his engineering career and support him as he launched is own company, Front Range Cutting. Today, Jon and Ann are working what they call #couplehustle, reinventing the story of marriage, family, work, and play as they build the massive businesses and teams across the country.