Courtney Shirley

Courtney lives in Stoneham, MA with her husband and her two energetic little boys. She is a former cancer researcher turned work-at-home mom. Courtney found our company while searching for products free of harmful chemicals (many of which she used in her research laboratory) and instantly fell in love with the company’s mission, products and business opportunity.   She joined as a consultant in April 2017 because she saw an incredible opportunity to have a meaningful career and earn additional income without sacrificing time away from her family.  Courtney truly believes this business opportunity has allowed her to transition from researching cancer treatments to helping to prevent it.  She is able to send her sons to private preschool, pay for their extracurricular activities, pay her family’s car payment, make multiple renovations on her 100 year-old home, and most recently, she hired a house cleaner! Courtney loves helping her customers make safer choices in their homes, the daily inspiration from her team, traveling for free with our incentive travel, and empowering her team members to do the same. But, what she loves most is that this business allows her to “have it all”!