Tera Dent

Tera is a mom, wife, Higher Education professional, and she’s passionate about green living! She first joined us after learning that the products she’d been using weren’t actually that “green/safe/eco-friendly” as she was led to believe. She was surprised to learn that she was being “greenwashed” (a marketing strategy that companies use to lead consumers to believe that their products are “green” when they really aren’t). In fact, the brands that she’d been using were actually owned by big corporate giants and she felt deceived. This a fire under her to share what she was now learning and to become part of a mission-driven company that has true integrity and that does not compromise, ever. A self-proclaimed simple mom originally from a small town in rural Ohio, Tera never imagined building a team into “Leadership”. But, she loves helping people through our mission and products, which she supports a team of over 100 consultants nationwide, and they’re just getting started Together, they cheer each other on, connect over our shared interests, and learn from one another in earning income and fun incentives like all-inclusive paid trips … all while making a positive difference in the world!