Our company has come a long way over the past decade, from small family beginnings when we were called “Ava Anderson Non-Toxic” to the Pure Haven we know and love today. One thing has remained consistent is our passion to create and offer our customers non-toxic and clean products.

Like us, you don’t want to fill your homes with toxic chemicals. You want to create a safe environment for you and your family with natural, plant-based cleaning and beauty products. If you’ve been wondering where it all began and what made us the company that we are today, here’s the real story.

Our Roots & Beginnings as “Ava Anderson Non-Toxic”

Rewind to 2007, a young 14-year old girl named Ava Anderson became troubled over the toxic ingredients that can be found in so many household, beauty and skincare products. Something which we can all relate to, right? With this newfound knowledge, questions began to unravel. How can there be so little regulation? How can you truly know if the products you buy are truly safe?

Ava and her mother, Kim, realized that there wasn’t one single brand that they felt confident in using. With support from her family and an enormous driving passion to share the message and need for clean, safe products, Ava Anderson Non-Toxic (AANT) came into fruition in 2009. The Anderson family business launched with just six skincare products and 100 consultants.

“We don’t share this message to sell products. We created the products to share the message.”  – Ava Anderson

Over the next seven years, CEO Ava and her family grew AANT into a multi-million dollar company, with 20,000+ consultants and product line of over 90 products. Some pretty astounding numbers in such a short space of time. The mission of the company was and always will be to teach people to make safer buying decisions. That you can look and feel amazing without toxic ingredients.

We do not share this message about harmful and toxic chemicals to sell products ...

The message aimed to inspire and empower consumers, putting them in the driving seat. Naturally, AANT continued to grow and the demand for products increased. The company relied on up to 13 different outside or 3rd party manufacturers. These 3rd party companies formulated, manufactured, labeled and packaged products under the AANT name. Quality of ingredients, safety, and transparency was (and will always be) a non-negotiable priority behind the brand.

Every manufacturer had to sign an extensive legal document as to the exact ingredients used in each product. Fast forward a few years and AANT continued to grow and really gain a massive following. With this fantastic rise in clean and non-toxic household and skincare products, sadly backorders began to rise.

The company was growing faster than the 3rd party manufacturers could supply the products. With this in mind, the Anderson family built a world-class manufacturing facility so they could manufacture and create everything in-house. This would give them more control and would eventually lead to solving the backorder issue.

Ava Anderson products

A “Perfect Storm” of Business and Life Pressures

Back on track and continuing to grow at a record rate, AANT soon produced 80% of the product line in-house, giving customers safe and incredible products. As the company worked to transition the remaining 20% of the products into the state of the art in-house manufacturing facility, we made a shocking discovery in 2015. 

It came to light that a trusted 3rd party manufacturer had violated the extensive legal agreements that they’d agreed upon and used traces of synthetic “fragrance”. The 3rd party manufacturer legally-owned the exact formulations for the AANT-branded products, so it was through our own testing and reverse-engineering, the ingredients used were revealed. We passionately teach people to avoid these sort of chemicals so understandably, the Andersons were devastated.

Unfortunately, five of our products were entrusted to this particular manufacturer. Saddened and disheartened by the news, AANT immediately stopped doing business with the manufacturer. Still in shock, the family issued a heartfelt apology to both customers and consultants and offered extremely generous product replacements to all those affected by the issue.

While all this was happening, Ava was facing mounting pressure as the CEO of a rapidly growing company. You’ve probably forgotten that she’s only 20 at this point! The young woman hadn’t taken a single day off since she began working in her early teens. As the face of the company and with the unbelievable manufacturing news, Ava became the target of several individuals in the natural products community, receiving threats.

The unfortunate luck continued, and it was later revealed that another trusted manufacturer incorrectly listed some ingredients on the product labels. These unlisted ingredients were safe and used elsewhere in the product line but nevertheless, we need complete transparency, disclosure, and trust. The trust had been lost.

Eventually, the pressure became far too much for Ava and her family. They knew it was time to remove themselves from the business and pass the torch. The family company was now a multi-million dollar company and needed experienced ownership and operations to take the helm.

Pure Haven is Born!

As of August 1, 2016, we officially became Pure Haven and formally underwent a change to new ownership. The Anderson Family has no ownership or involvement in our business, although they are avid customers of the products and cheerleaders for our success.

Pure Haven products

It’s quite a story, isn’t it! We’ve learned so much and as the result of our journey, we have truly come out on top. Today, Pure Haven is owned by four passionate individuals with decades of experience. Everything Ava went through has been a lesson for us, we have taken all that she and our brand went through and have grown from it.

We now have the strictest ingredient sourcing and manufacturing processes so that we can produce certified wild-crafted natural products that our customers know are fresh. We no longer simply “trust” our suppliers and business partners just because they say so. We triple check and verify that everything we receive from our ingredient suppliers is exactly what we were promised.

Originally, we weren’t in the manufacturing business but you know what they say “if you want something done right, do it yourself”. Which is exactly what we did. We’re proud to say that we make the majority of our products ourselves in our USDA Certified Organic manufacturing facility with absolutely no harsh preservatives, no parabens, no fragrance, and no petrochemicals.

At Pure Haven we:

  • Know where every ingredient we use is grown
  • Only accept ingredient providers who fully disclose their growing procedures
  • Use only pure-grade essential oils
  • Produce products that are delivered fresh and safe to your door
  • Use our own USDA Certified Organic manufacturing facility
  • Use natural, plant-based, wild-crafted and certified organic ingredients wherever possible

The Anderson family brought forward their vision and propelled non-toxic products into the limelight. Despite having a few issues, their message is inspiring and forms the basis of Pure Haven today. We have learned so much and it’s only fueled our passion further to continue to provide exceptional products.

We've done the homework for you
We've done the homework for you

Every company has its ups and downs and it’s upsetting when something you think to be true isn’t. Currently, there is so little regulation in the product and personal care industry so it’s more important than ever to truly know what ingredients are in the products you are using!

Whether it’s a moisturizer, surface cleaner or lip gloss, it’s scary to think how many chemicals can end up on your skin or in your house if you’re not careful … and even scarier to think of how these chemicals have been linked to disease.

One of the most important things for us is getting the safest products into the hands of our customers. Our products are 100% free of toxins and aim to help customers live a natural, toxin-free lifestyle without any nasty chemicals or harmful ingredients.

We believe in creating excellent products of the highest and purest quality to help people live healthier, happier lives. Our passion for clean living is one of our main drivers and it’s wonderful that our community share the same passion. It’s such an exciting time to be a part of Pure Haven and we want to continue to share this journey with you!

Tour of Pure Haven USDA Certified Organic Manufacturing Facility

We are proud of our roots and where we came from as it was the path that took us to where we are today. It’s important to own and learn from the mistakes from the past but to also look forward and take that lesson with you. In the big world, we live in, it’s normal for companies to switch hands, especially when they feel that “it’s time” and the company is growing too fast and into areas beyond their capabilities.

We’re excited to continue to bring our customers fresh, clean and environmentally sustainable products. To be honest, we wouldn’t be where we are right now if it wasn’t for this journey! As a result of that journey, our processes and products have progressed incredibly and are far better. At Pure Haven, we not only have the power behind our message but also a tried-and-true experience of a direct sales/network marketing business and a thriving manufacturing business.  

How to Start your Toxic-Free Journey!

Start your journey

Your home should be safe haven for you: pure, clean, and free from toxic chemicals. Our company pledges to keep our products 100% free of toxins and use ingredients the way nature intended. We did the homework on what ingredients to avoid so you don’t have to! Our products are organic, free of toxins, sustainable, and cruelty free. 

To learn more about the ingredients to avoid in your personal and home care products, check out this list of harmful ingredients and why you should steer clear of them. This list is not comprehensive of course, as there are more than 80,000 ingredients out there and we wanted to keep the list to a single sheet of paper. It’s a good starting point to take a look at some of the products in your home – we know you’ll be shocked as how many toxins are lurking in there!

Contact one of our team’s amazing consultants, to find out more about Pure Haven products and/or to make a purchase or get involved in some way! We can help you start simply and answer your questions. We can help you look and feel your very best, and take your health into your hands without stress and overwhelm, and without breaking your wallet!