Dry itchy skin during the winter can be a pain. Plus, if you have eczema, you are bound to see your skin flare up even more. What’s worse is that having dry and dehydrated skin makes your skin age faster and develop wrinkles sooner.

Lots of products say that they are moisturizing and hydrating, but they don’t seem to make that much of a difference. Your skin still looks lackluster. Or maybe your skin is still irritated, red, chapped, and blotchy. Not all products labeled moisturizing actually have ingredients in them that work to repair your skin.

Here’s 5 ingredients that actually work to rehydrate your skin and even make you look younger:

  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Aloe Vera
  • Royal Jelly
  • Rosehip Oil
  • Shea Butter


1) Hyaluronic Acid

Natural is just a form of marketing

Hyaluronic acid is used in so many anti-aging products. Sometimes it is even called the “holy grail” for its anti-aging properties. The reason why is because this acid takes moisture from the air to plump your skin and decrease fine lines and wrinkles. 

If you have dry irritated skin, it will do the same. This acid really makes your skin glow. And it makes your skin tone look more even and feel softer. Any itchiness or dryness goes away immediately.

Our bodies naturally make hyaluronic acid, but as we age, our production drastically decreases. Some people who apply hyaluronic acid on a daily basis often call it “Spanx for your face.” You’ll visibly notice that it pulls your skin tighter while relieving any dry itchy patches!

Pure Haven’s hyaluronic acid also has aloe vera juice in the ingredients. Both work together to really hydrate the skin and reverse the aging clock!

Want our best tip for using hyaluronic acid? Apply it after your cleanser/toner while your skin is still slightly wet, and follow immediately with moisturizer – give a moment for the hyaluronic acid to absorb into your skin, but seal in the moisture before your skin dries completely.

Body Burden of Toxic Chemicals that Build Up

Aloe vera is incredibly soothing to the skin. You’ve probably heard of using aloe vera for a sunburn, but its properties are wonderful as a moisturizer as well.

It actually contains two hormones that work together to reduce inflammation in the skin. Auxin and Gibberellins are wonderful at healing the skin and then stimulating new healthy skin cell growth.

You will find aloe vera as an ingredient in most of Pure Haven’s products including the refresh cleanser. So often cleansers can be harsh and dry out your skin in an effort to clean it. If you have dry skin, you don’t want oil stripped away from your face.

 The refresh cleanser is gentle and contains antioxidants that balance your skin’s pH. You won’t have to worry about this product irritating your face.

Pure Haven deodorant vs. competitor

You’re probably wondering what royal jelly even is, right? Well it is actually a bee product that is similar to honey. The substance is made by worker bees that is used to feed larvae that may become queen bees.

Royal jelly is super moisturizing and helps maintain elasticity of the skin when used in skin care products. This substance is high in amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins. Your skin will feel so refreshed from royal jelly.

Plus, royal jelly has antimicrobial properties so you don’t have to worry about it clogging up your pores or making your break out.

Pure Haven’s refresh moisturizer has royal jelly extract in its ingredients. This moisturizer restores the natural barrier of your skin to keep your skin hydrated.

Rosehip oil is crucial for your skin care routine and keeps your skin soft to the touch. The oil is light and easily absorbs into your skin. Because of this, the antioxidants can deeply moisturize and nourish your skin.

The oil is derived from the rosa canina rose bush. This type of rose bush is mainly found in the country of Chile and is known for its healing, antibacterial, and fatty acid benefits. That also makes rosehip oil wonderful for anti-aging and keeping your skin looking young.

Rosehip oil is used in Pure Haven’s refresh night serum to lock in hydration and defend your skin against free radicals that age the skin. This ingredient makes the product truly reparative.

Shea butter has natural vitamins and fatty acids that make it so moisturizing for dry skin. It won’t just sit on top of the skin. Shea butter nourishes the skin deeply leaving your skin hydrated longer.

Shea butter also reduces inflammation which makes this ingredient great for people with rosacea, eczema, or if you have just generally sensitive skin. Products can be very irritating to sensitive skin, but shea butter is naturally gentle.

Shea butter is also wonderful for under the eyes. Whether your eyes get puffy, or if they look “hollow” and need some plumping, shea butter is excellent at balancing that super sensitive area on your face.

That’s why Pure Haven uses shea butter in their refresh eye cream. Most people experience visible results that make them use eye cream as a daily staple in their skin care routine.

How to Start your Non-Toxic Journey!
Start your journey
Your home should be safe haven for you: pure, clean, and free from toxic chemicals. Pure Haven pledges to keep its products 100% free of toxins and use ingredients the way nature intended. We did the homework on what ingredients to avoid so you don’t have to! Our products are organic, free of toxins, sustainable, and cruelty free. Most of our products are even vegan. The few that contain ingredients that aren’t vegan (such as bees wax), we’ve made sure are sustainably-sourced.
To learn more about the ingredients to avoid in your personal and home care products, check out this list of harmful ingredients and why you should steer clear of them. This list is not comprehensive of course, as there are more than 80,000 ingredients out there and we wanted to keep the list to a single sheet of paper. It’s a good starting point to take a look at some of the products in your home – our company guarantees that you’ll be surprised as how many toxins are lurking in there!

Contact one of our team’s amazing consultants, to find out more about Pure Haven’s products and/or to make a purchase. We can help you start simply and answer your questions. We can help you look and feel your very best, and take your health into your hands without stress and overwhelm, and without breaking your wallet!