When you think about being healthy, you might incorporate exercise into your daily routine, change your diet, and be sure the ingredients you cook with are healthy for you to eat. But, the ingredients in your cleaning and beauty products are just as important. Your skin absorbs the ingredients from these personal care products just as if you’d eaten them. That’s right, your skin is more of a “carrier”, not a “barrier”!

Maybe you’ve already made the switch to natural and organic beauty and cleaning products thinking that you’ve made the safest choice for you and your family. But these “natural” products could still be harming your health.

Here’s why “natural” products do not mean safe and non-toxic:

  • Products that say natural or organic are not regulated
  • Many toxins hide in these natural products and they’re absorbed by your skin
  • All ingredients matter – not just the “active ingredients”
  • Warning labels on products are an additional sign that they are harmful for you


Why the label “Natural” is just marketing

Natural is just a form of marketing

If you’ve ever walked into a store and pulled a product off the shelf, you’ve probably seen the word “natural” put on several different bottles and boxes. But, these “natural” products can have several harmful ingredients that may even make you sick.

The word “natural” is often used as a marketing tactic to make you believe you are buying the safest and closest to nature product. But, the FDA has not defined the term natural and does not have any regulations in place for businesses labeling their products as “natural”. This is called “Greenwashing” – putting a “green”-looking label on something to appeal to consumers, when the ingredients themselves are not safe. 

Even “organic” products can still contain toxic ingredients! For example, preservatives such as phenoxyethanol are permitted to be used in products that carry the “USDA Certified Organic” label. 

The “natural” and “organic” labels are not your best bet for determining whether your products are safe for you and your family to use. These terms are used as buzzwords to get consumers to purchase them and aren’t backed by any evidence


How many toxins do you use on a daily basis?

What if we told you that the products that you use daily could be making you and your family sick? You buy these products to make your home clean, pure, and free from harmful bacteria, but the ingredients in these products could be contributing to the opposite of your intended effect.

You may not even realize how many toxins you encounter on a daily basis. The average woman is exposed to 168 toxic chemicals a day. And, babies are born with 200 industrial chemicals and pollutants in their umbilical cord blood.

Body Burden of Toxic Chemicals that Build Up

These toxic chemicals are everywhere, and they are linked to several diseases and cancers. Since 2000, Alzheimer’s death rates increased by 123%. Since 1960, breast cancer diagnosis rates increased by 150%. And, since 1995, children’s autism rates increased 747%. Better detection has played a role in these increases, but it’s most definitely not the only factor. Think about it – who do you know that hasn’t been touched by these diseases? Beyond alzheimer’s, cancer and autism though, health issues such as fertility challenges, migraines, anxiety, obesity, endocrine disorders, even acne and eczema – can be linked back to harmful product ingredients. 

Day after day use of these toxic chemicals contributes to a buildup within your bloodstream and after awhile, these ingredients add up and health impacts appear. Your skin doesn’t serve as a barrier against harmful chemicals, but actually absorbs them.


Toxins hiding in your cleaning, skincare and body products

Each day, women in the United States are exposed to more than 168 (on average) toxic ingredients. So, you’re probably wondering what makes these products unsafe. some of the most common are triclosan, aluminum, fragrance, and propylene glycol.

Triclosan, an antibacterial agent often found in brand-name toothpastes, is linked to hormone disrupting health concerns. It specifically damages your endocrine system, upsets the homeostasis of your hormones, and sometimes increases risk for breast cancer.

Manufacturers aren’t required by FDA to list “fragrance” ingredients. In fact, the word isn’t even an ingredient, it’s a loophole that manufacturers can use to hide whatever ingredients they want – allowing them to keep ingredients a secret from consumers.

Aluminum, an antiperspirant used in deodorants to plug sweat ducts, accrues in your system. Some studies have found a link between aluminum in your blood stream and Alzheimer’s.

Propylene glycol, a petrochemical used in antifreeze, hair products, skincare, and fragrances, when built up in the blood can lead to kidney failure.

List of Harmful Ingredients to Avoid

For a more complete list on the harmful side-effects of toxins in your personal and home care products, check out this list.


The difference between Pure Haven and other “natural” products

You may be confused now. If all these “natural” products have toxic chemicals, how do you purchase products for you and your family?

As a first step, always before purchasing an item, be sure to check the ingredients on the back. Some labels for products might list the “inactive” and “active” ingredients in a product. The inactive ingredients will still be absorbed by your body. All ingredients matter!

Also, lots of everyday products have warning labels on them about keeping the product out of reach for children, asking a doctor before use to be sure if the products are safe for you, and even the contact for poison control.

You’ve probably even seen commercials where they increase the speed of their voice when talking about the side-effects of a product. How can these products be good for you if they require a warning label?

Pure Haven deodorant vs. competitor
Here’s the real difference: Pure Haven pledges to keep its products 100% free of toxins and use ingredients the way nature intended. We don’t need warning labels because our products are safe, effective, and free of toxins. How would it feel to not have to panic if your child gets ahold of your cleaning products?


How to Start your Non-Toxic Journey!

Start your journey
Here’s the great news – you can make a difference and you have the power to choose safe and effective! Pure Haven’s products are 100% free of toxins, guaranteed. We did the homework on what ingredients to avoid so you don’t have to! Our products are organic, free of toxins, sustainable, and cruelty free. Most of our products are even vegan. The few that contain ingredients that aren’t vegan (such as bees wax), we’ve made sure are sustainably-sourced.
0 Toxins, we've done the homework for you
To learn more about the ingredients to avoid in your personal and home care products, check out this list of harmful ingredients and why you should steer clear of them. This list is not comprehensive of course, as there are more than 80,000 ingredients out there and we wanted to keep the list to a single sheet of paper. It’s a good starting point to take a look at some of the products in your home – we guarantee that you’ll be surprised as how many toxins are lurking in there!

Contact one of our consultants, to find out more about Pure Haven’s products and to make a purchase. We can help you start simply and answer your questions. We can help you look and feel your very best, and take your health into your hands without stress and overwhelm, and without breaking your wallet!