I don’t know about you, but sometimes it’s difficult to pick out the perfect gift for a friend or family member. You either don’t know what they’d like or the gift you want to give them is just too expensive!

Here’s our best shopping secret … Pure Haven has affordable great gifts for the whole family! It can be your “one stop shop” for everyone on your list. Plus, if you decide to host a Pure Haven Party, you can save hundreds on those gifts, get free products, and receive amazing discounts!

Here’s 8 gifts for your whole list that we guarantee they will love:

  • The Holiday Bundle
  • The Men’s 4-Piece Natural Daily Skincare Bundle
  • The Ultimate Non-Toxic Bundle
  • The Non-Toxic Skincare Bundle
  • The 4-Piece Baby Bundle
  • The Botanical Steam Facial
  • The Peppermint Sugar Body Scrub
  • The Peppermint and Eucalyptus Bath & Shower Spa Salts

8 Great Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

1.The Holiday Bundle

Natural is just a form of marketing
This bundle is perfect for your mother, daughter, friend, or even yourself (does anyone else give “to me, from me” gifts on occasion?). All of the products are holiday inspired with scents that will make you think of Christmas fun!

The candle will have your home smelling like holiday treats without the mess in the kitchen. Or diffuse the oils in your diffuser for other holiday inspired scents like merry wintergreen and cinnamon or frankincense and orange peel. Your home will smell amazing and your senses will be calmed.

The soap, shea butter lotion and lip balm will keep your skin soft and moisturized during the cold winter months when your skin usually looks chapped and cracked. You’ll love how silky soft your skin will feel. The “shimmer set” (shimmer balm & shimmer lip balm) gives a festive, light glow to skin – highlight eyebrows, cheekbones and use the lip balm to add a beautiful shimmer to lips!

The men in your life also like and need personal care products! These Pure Haven products are specially formulated for men. You can get this skincare kit for your husband, father, brother, or son.

The products are “better than organic” and have a fresh scent. All of the products are made with essential oils like clary sage and vetiver and healing ingredients like organic aloe vera and cucumber extract. The ingredients work together to clean and reduce inflammation.

If you want to help someone start their non-toxic journey with a “bang”, this is the gift to give them! It’s our most complete bundle and includes everything from shampoo to laundry detergent.

Plus, what a what a wonderful gift to give someone – the gift of a pure, safe, and non-toxic home. Anyone is bound to fall in love with this bundle.

Better yet, by giving this gift to someone, you can also get a gift yourself. With the purchase of an ultimate non-toxic bundle with free shipping, you’ll receive $50 credit towards your next purchase!

The non-toxic skincare bundle is great for anybody of any age in your life. Men, listen up! The women in your life especially, will swoon over this gift! This line is anti-aging, but it’s also wonderful at clearing up acne. This set includes the refresh 6-piece skin care regimen and a charcoal detox face mask.

The ingredients work to refresh your skin and leave it glowing. It is made with 100% natural ingredients such as essential oils and botanicals. You don’t have to sacrifice amazing skin when you choose safe products!

This gift is perfect for any new or expecting mom. The ingredients for all of these products are toxin free and super gentle. You’ll have peace of mind that these ingredients won’t sting babies’ eyes or irritate their skin.
Stocking Stuffers, Teacher/Bus Driver/Neighbor Gifts, and Hostess Gifts, too!

6) Botanical Steam Facial

Pure Haven deodorant vs. competitor
A beautiful gift that will be appreciated over and over again! Place 2 Tablespoons of the dried botanical mix into steaming water. Tent your face with a towel over the bowl, inhale and enjoy the steam for a few minutes. Opens up pores, detoxifies skin, reduces inflammation and the scent will amaze you! It’s literally a spa inside a jar and one of the hidden treasures inside the Pure Haven brand!
Pure Haven deodorant vs. competitor
Pure Haven has several different kinds of sugar scrubs. But, we chose the most festive and holiday-ish smelling one for the sake of this post. 

These sugar scrubs are perfect for stocking stuffers. They are gentle so that they won’t irritate sensitive skin. But, these sugar scrubs polish the surface of your skin to make your skin look super soft and feel incredibly smooth. You’ll smell great, and your skin will look healthier.

Pure Haven’s bath salts also come in a variety of scents. All of our salts are infused with organic pure essential oils. The Himalayan salts are also great at reducing inflammation from achy joints after a long day. Toss them against the shower wall and let the hot steam go to work, or dissolve them into hot bath water – you’ll feel like your shower or bath is a spa.
How to Start your Non-Toxic Journey!
Start your journey
Your home should be safe haven for you: pure, clean, and free from toxic chemicals. Pure Haven pledges to keep its products 100% free of toxins and use ingredients the way nature intended. We did the homework on what ingredients to avoid so you don’t have to! Our products are organic, free of toxins, sustainable, and cruelty free. Most of our products are even vegan. The few that contain ingredients that aren’t vegan (such as bees wax), we’ve made sure are sustainably-sourced.

To learn more about the ingredients to avoid in your personal and home care products, check out this list of harmful ingredients and why you should steer clear of them. This list is not comprehensive of course, as there are more than 80,000 ingredients out there and we wanted to keep the list to a single sheet of paper. It’s a good starting point to take a look at some of the products in your home – our company guarantees that you’ll be surprised as how many toxins are lurking in there!

Contact one of our team’s amazing consultants, to find out more about Pure Haven’s products and/or to make a purchase. We can help you start simply and answer your questions. We can help you look and feel your very best, and take your health into your hands without stress and overwhelm, and without breaking your wallet!