Why Now is the Best Time to Start a Home-Based Business

If the last 2 years have illuminated anything, it’s that now more than ever, households need to have options and alternatives to earn some extra money from the safety and convenience of their own homes!

So while you may already love our message and our amazing products here at Pure Haven, here are 5 reasons why you should take a serious look at starting a business with us right now:


  • You need extra money, now
  • The Pandemic has changed the game
  • The biggest shopping months of the year are ahead
  • Less distractions is a great thing
  • The Tax Benefits are huge for this current year

1) You need Extra Money, Now!

If you buy groceries or put gas in your car, you know that everyday expenses have visibly increased over the last 2 years … but has your income grown to keep up? The Consumer Price Index, has risen 5.3 percent over the last 12 months (as of August 2021), led by food, energy, vehicles and transportation. Generally stated, that means things are more than 5 percent more expensive than they were a year ago. Using the median (middle) income in the United States of approximately $80,000, that’s an additional $4,000 in additional income needed just to maintain your standard of living. 

Living expenses aside, with the 2021 Holiday season just around the corner, you want and deserve to have some extra money for your family. What if we told you that you could pay for your Holiday 2021 season in cash, if you got started with a home-based business right now? 

2) The Pandemic has Leveled the Playing Field

Many people have had (and/or still have) a taste of what truly “working from home” can look like, and they want that kind of flexibility forever going forward. With the power of the internet, we’re now able to reach people and communicate, regardless of where we live!

You don’t need to invest a significant amount of money, buy inventory, or create something of your own to “sell” … you just need to align yourself with a direct sales brand that offers a product that people need and want, that takes care of all the product formulation, logistics and shipping …. and follow the systems to get started (hint: we’ve got the perfect one that checks all of these boxes, and more)!

Absolutely anybody who has access to the internet, who is willing to invest just a bit of time and effort, can have success now!

3) The biggest Shopping Season of the Year Starts now!

Black Friday weekend is just weeks away, and beginning as early as September, people have their mind open towards Holiday shopping! By starting a home-based business during the Fall, you’re aligning perfectly with the natural shopping demand out there, and you’ll be able to help shoppers find the perfect gifts for loved ones, teachers, and of course, the “to me from me” gifts that we all purchase!

People are shopping online at increased rates for everything — groceries, clothing, personal care & home cleaning products, and so much more! For that reason, there’s a massive opportunity for you to take your passion and serve people who want and need things delivered right to their doorsteps.

4) Stable schedules mean Less Distractions

The kids are back to school, sports schedules have stabilized and the weather is getting cooler. This is the perfect combination for easy opportunities to share something important and that you love, with others! 

Truthfully, there will never be an absolute “perfect” time, now is about as perfect as it gets, and every month that you wait to get started is one less month that you could have been creating some additional income for yourself and helping others!

5) The average household will save $5k – $8k in income taxes by having a home-based business

Most people don’t realize that their single largest expense is … income taxes. That’s right, it’s not housing, food or clothing, it’s tax! Simply put, there are two tax systems in the United States – one structured for W2 employees, and one for businesses. Many households earn some type of W2 income and pay a substantial amount in taxes through that system, but they don’t have access to the tax advantages afforded to businesses.

The average household will save $5k – $8k/year in income taxes by having a home-based business! The finer details are beyond the scope of this blog, but I encourage you to learn more from my friend Courtney in her book “What’s your Plan B?”. You’ll be able to take the “Home office deduction” (based upon a percentage of your home’s square footage), business use of your vehicle, professional/personal development, direct office expenses (printer, stamps, etc.) and more. These deductions are applied against any revenue that you earn from your home-based business, and will flow through to your personal income tax return to reduce your taxable income for the year!

By starting a home-based business now, you’ll be able to claim several months of deductions on this current calendar year’s taxes! If you wait until January (or beyond), you’ll need to wait another year to enjoy the tax benefits.

Don’t wait another day, learn more about getting started today!

Pure Haven is the only company that makes a full line of products that are 100% free of toxins, guaranteed … and the opportunity to earn some extra money is powerful and very real. People are learning about why ingredients are such a big deal, and they need and want truly non-toxic products!

Get start learning how to avoid harmful ingredients in your personal and home care products with this list as a starting point, but truthfully, this is why we make Pure Haven products – we do the research and obsessing over ingredients, so you don’t have to! 

Reach out to our team if you’d like to learn more about Pure Haven products, to order, and/or see more about joining our incredible team of Consultants (earn free products and income when you share with others, and shop at 30% off “wholesale prices” every day). We can help you take your health and your future into your hands!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

"With the help of my team, who is now my family, I'm home more days with my children than ever before. I can't wait to totally walk away from my job and be home earning money at the same time."



"I finally see an amazing future of physical and financial health for myself and those who choose to go on this journey with me!"



"I’ve been able to stop saying “someday” to my kids. Life is now and we’re doing it!"



"I was able to extend my (unpaid) maternity leave by 2 months and have financial comfort throughout!”



“I’m paying down my credit card fast with my extra income … and that freedom feels great! I am most excited about taking steps towards financial freedom starting with paying off lingering credit card debt and then being able to say yes to more experiences.”



“PH has given me a spark in my life I didn’t know I was missing! It has provided me with new friendships, a larger than life support group, more confidence and so much fun!”



“Pure Haven has not only given me the financial freedom to pay down student loans more quickly, it has also given me a community of like-minded people who encourage me to grow!”



"Pure Haven has given me confidence and fulfillment!! I’m excited to see how many more people I can help and have an impact with."



"Pure Haven has challenged my beliefs about myself and pushed me to step outside of my comfort zone. I’ve grown in ways I didn’t realize I could. I’m looking forward to the new me I’m creating!"



"Pure Haven has given me a purpose outside of being a wife/mom and has given me the ability to make an impact in peoples’ lives while earning my own money again!"