Why Direct Sales/Network Marketing is a Smart Business Model

“Direct sales” is a business model where instead of putting products on a retail store shelf or retail website, a company uses a field of independent consultants (or “distributors”, or “representatives” depending on the company) to sell products (or services) to customers through word-of-mouth relationships.

You may not know why this model of selling is so smart for both the customers of the products, and the consultants who sell them! Here are just a few key benefits that we know to be true:

Benefits to Customers who Purchase the Products:

Fresh products, delivered right to you! 

With a “direct to customer” business model, customers can receive freshly made products delivered right from the manufacturing facility.

Rather than use synthetic (and often harmful) preservatives to increase a product’s shelf-life, customers can get products that haven’t been sitting on a store’s shelves …. and made freshly with truly organic ingredients.

A personal connection to the brand, message and products 

As a customer, you’re paired with a specific consultant who is there to serve you! Whether it’s product usage and/or results, help with ordering or deciding what the best value and fit for you is, you have a personal, human connection to the company. Try calling a big box store and getting that kind of service!

Better quality at a very competitive price 

When companies put products on retail store shelves, they pay enormous amounts of money in advertising, brokerage, distribution, and shelving/slotting fees – most of which are avoided in a direct selling model.

You’ll also be getting a higher-than-normal quality product for what you’re buying, because … people talk! So much of direct selling is based on recommendations from happy customers, referrals, and raving fans of the products, so you can feel great that the product has stood the test of true customer demand if it’s being sold in a direct sales format. We have to be better and more competitive, otherwise we wouldn’t be around!

Knowing you’re supporting an entrepreneur and real household 

Doing business with a direct sales company supports real households and there’s a hard-working entrepreneur, often a woman (76% of directs sellers are female), earning commission rather than padding the pockets of a large corporation. This is a real business for millions of women and families, where they can earn real income by providing a

Benefits to Consultants who Represent and Sell the Products:

A No-Risk Opportunity to Start a Business Sharing Something Important

Where else in the world can you start your own business for $200, the cost of a business starter kit?! I’d challenge you on that, because we haven’t found anything like our business kits.

Keep in mind that product R&D, branding, manufacturing, marketing, packaging, distribution, fulfillment and customer service are taken care of you by our company!

As a business owner, you can focus on sharing something vitally important and exciting with people, and helping them to solve their problems through your products and opportunity – with no risk, only reward for your efforts!

Seeing the direct impact to changing lives 

Speaking of rewards, there’s absolutely nothing that beats the feeling of a customer who has had their life changed through our products. Whether its eczema that has disappeared, hair that looks better than ever, chronic pain that seems to be gone, cystic acne that has said “goodbye” forever and/or finally, having your very best skin in your lifetime, and so much more.

Lives are changed through physical and psychological impacts – helping people look better, feel better and live better is the ultimate reward!

Residual and leveraged income

As an independent consultant, you have the opportunity to build a business of repeat customers (who order time and time again from you, that’s called “residual income”), and also of other consultants like yourself who are sharing products or services (that’s called “leveraged income”).

As your network grows, the ability to earn income from the impact that you (and your team) makes, does as well! Yes absolutely there’s work involved, but you are compensated for the impact that you and your team are able to have on the world, in perpetuity (i.e. forever, technically).

An additional benefit of a great direct selling opportunity is that the business is “will-able”, meaning it’s an asset that you can include in your will for your future generations and legacy. Your great, great, great, great-grandchildren will most definitely know who you are and thank you immensely for the legacy that you’ve helped to build!

Community, friendships 

We hear and see, every single day within our team, the lifelong friendships and bonds that are formed from building a business with a community of like-minded people! You’re never in business by yourself!

You’ve always got the support of a team, proven systems and programs, and a leadership team to show you the way and help you have success, whatever that looks like for you.

Whether you join as a consultant to “build it big” or simply to earn a little extra income for yourself and/or your family – you want to make sure that you have a tribe to do it alongside!

Direct selling is an incredible business model, benefitting both the customers of the products (or services) and the independent consultant business owners as well! Win/win.

Become a Pure Haven Consultant!

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